The multicultural code of FAKOSHIMA is understandable all over the world, it catches everyone – from fashionable pop stars to underground icons. With its recognisable style and quality, it doesn’t conform to the standardized idea of luxury. All the way from Anna Dello Russo styling the FAKOSHIMA debut collection in her editorials, to a large list of buyers that including FAKOSHIMA in their brand portfolios – it’s about constant growth. Among those retail giants such as Net-A-Porter, as well as concept-stores around the world, from Los Angeles and Dubai to Florence and Tbilisi.

And the fan club of the brand is constantly growing, headlined by the experienced admirers of avant-garde fashion such as Róisín Murphy and Tilda Swinton. With FAKOSHIMA eyewear you can literally look into the future – the style of the brand overstepped the replicated retrofuturism to present a clear and spectacular design of the future. Flashbacks, visual citations and echoes of the past on the sidelines – it’s a journey with a forward direction. FAKOSHIMA glasses are about contemporary materials, new forms and innovative technologies.

The design of FAKOSHIMA eyewear is not just relevant – it is one step ahead of the present. The style inspired by the aesthetics of cyber punk, computer games and Japanese animation has become a recognizable code by which you can identify your circle. Simultaneously breaking templates with its cutting edge designs, for fans of the FAKOSHIMA glasses – it is both a statement and a reliable shelter. The brand was founded in 2012 in Moscow, Russia. It’s founder and creative director, Konstantin Shilyaev.